Frequently Asked Questions

How does bnxt work?

bnxt is an online marketplace bringing people together. People with skills, abilities, qualifications and experience looking for the job they deserve ... and people with shortages and requirements looking for the people they need.

bnxt - where you promote yourself, your skills, abilities and services and where you can find who you need, where and when you need them ...

In bnxt, people looking to promote themselves, their skills, abilities and services are known as Candidates. People looking for staff, skills, abilities and services are known as Employers.

Candidates post details of their qualifications, experience, services, location and availability.

Employers search details of the skills, experience, qualifications or services they need to fill job opportunties.

Do I have to join for a minimum period of time?

No, you can join for as long as you need to. The minimum subscription period is one month and you will be billed on the monthly anniversary date of your joining and sent an invoice following processing.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes you can, but your subscription is on a monthly – or part thereof – basis. So while you can cancel your subscription at any time, we don't give refunds for un-used service.  To cancel your subscription, go the your Subscription page in the My account area.

If I cancel my subscription and then re-join in the future, will I have to reload my stuff?

No, we hold a copy of all your data with your account marked as inactive, then, when you re-join, we simply update the account to active and you can then access and update all your information.

Can I update my details at any time?

Yes you can. You can logon and update your details at any time.

Can Employers see my name as part of my contact details?

No. The security of your personal contact data is important to us.  Employers conduct searches to find suitable candidates to fill job vacancies and they can view the details you provide in your job preferences, work experience, qualifications, skills and abilities and comments pages, but not your personal details.  When Employers contact you through email it is by your bnxtID code. It is then up to you to respond to the Employer direct, so you always control the release of your personal contact information.